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  • High-performance CZT variant
  • 192 PS / 275 Nm
  • Complete history, one family car, 109.000 original km from new
  • New Bilstein shock absorbers, foil, wheel refurbishment
  • Complete service with all fluids
  • Chip tuning with certificate, exhaust modification, open air filter, blow off valve
  • All documents were checked
  • Other features: possibility of assisting with registration, transport, insurance, storage and Trusted Checkout payment
  • Please note that this car will be available for viewing by prior appointment near Jablonec nad Nisou, Czechia

The 2005 Mitsubishi Colt CZT is a subcompact car that is known for its high-performance capabilities, sporty design, and excellent value for money. This vehicle was introduced in 2005 as a high-performance version of the standard Colt, and it quickly became popular among car enthusiasts. Let's take a closer look at what makes the 2005 Mitsubishi Colt CZT a great car.

Exterior Design

The 2005 Mitsubishi Colt CZT features a bold and aggressive design that sets it apart from other subcompact cars in its class. The car's front end features a distinctive grille and large air intakes, which give it a sporty and menacing look. The car's aerodynamic body lines, rear spoiler, and sport-tuned suspension also contribute to its dynamic appearance.

Interior Design

The interior of the 2005 Mitsubishi Colt CZT is designed with performance in mind, with a focus on driver engagement and control. The car's bucket seats are comfortable and supportive, and the dashboard and center console are designed to be intuitive and easy to use. The car's sporty steering wheel and short-throw shifter also contribute to its high-performance feel.


The 2005 Mitsubishi Colt CZT is powered by a 1.5-liter turbocharged petrol engine that produces 150 horsepower and 210 Nm of torque. This engine is paired with a five-speed manual transmission, and it delivers excellent acceleration and performance. The car's sport-tuned suspension and responsive steering make it a pleasure to drive, with excellent handling and agility.


The 2005 Mitsubishi Colt CZT is a safe car that received a four-star rating in Euro NCAP crash tests. The car is equipped with front and side airbags, anti-lock brakes, and traction control, which help to prevent accidents and minimize the impact of collisions.


The 2005 Mitsubishi Colt CZT is a high-performance subcompact car that offers excellent value for money, a sporty design, and impressive performance. The car's focus on driver engagement and control, combined with its responsive handling and good acceleration, make it a pleasure to drive. The car's safety features also make it a smart choice for buyers who are looking for a practical and reliable high-performance vehicle. If you're in the market for a subcompact car with a bit of extra power and attitude, the 2005 Mitsubishi Colt CZT is definitely worth considering.

This car comes with a complete history, in one family since new, so the 109.000 kilometres from new are original ones. Last year it got new Bilstein shock absorbers, foil, wheel refurbishment (komaxit), complete service with all fluids, chip tuning with certificate, exhaust modification, open air filter, blow off valve (192 PS, 275 Nm). All original parts such as exhaust etc. are included in the sale in case the buyer wants to put it back to original. There is also a backup CD with the original software.




First registration date08.08.2005
Body TypeHatchback
Engine1.468 ccm, 192 PS, I4
SteeringLeft hand drive
LayoutFront Wheel Drive
Color - exteriorRed
Color - interiorBlack
Miles/Kilometers shown109.192 km
Chassis / VINXMCMNZ37A6F022790
Location - CountryCzechia
Location - CityJablonec nad Nisou


3-door hatchback body type; FWD (front-wheel drive), manual 5-speed gearbox; gasoline (petrol) engine with displacement: 1468 cm3, advertised power: 147 kW / 189 hp / 192 PS, torque: 275 Nm; characteristic dimensions: outside length: 3820 mm, width: 1695 mm, wheelbase: 2500 mm; reference weights: base curb weight: 1055 kg; top speed: 210 km/h (declared by factory); accelerations: 0-60 mph 7.6 s, 0-100 km/h 8 s (declared by factory)

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