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  • Iconic air-cooled supercar
  • Finished in an stunning factory colour combination of Guards Red over Black
  • Benefitting from a recent mechanical overhaul
  • 3.6-litre twin-turbocharged flat-six, 408hp to all four wheels via a six-speed manual transmission
  • Complete history
  • Documents were checked by Auctomobile
  • Other features: possibility of assisting with registration, transport, insurance, storage and Trusted Checkout payment
  • Please note that this car will be available for viewing by prior appointment in Cologne, Germany

Introduced in 1993 for the 1994 model year and in time for the 911’s 30th anniversary, the 993 would be the very last of the air-cooled Porsches before the company moved on to the water-cooled 996 for the New Millennium, a step that nobody would have expected a generation earlier and one that frustrated Porsche-philes. It was a hugely important car for Porsche that came at a formative, turbulent time. By the mid-1990s, the front-engined cars were all gone and there was a brief time – the 1996 model year – that the Boxster hadn’t arrived yet and the 993 was the only model in Porsche’s lineup.
As for styling, it was an all-new look while still unmistakably 911. Styled by Englishman Tony Hatter, it had wide, muscular bulges in all the right places, and the lower front fenders meant that it was the first 911 in which the drivers couldn’t see them from the cockpit. The body had a drag coefficient of 0.33, and while this was technically less aerodynamic than the 964, it also reduced lift at speed.
Porsche redesigned the bottom end, added hydraulic self adjusting valve clearance and completely redesigned the exhaust. Front brakes were also enlarged, a limited-slip differential was optional, and overall the 993 was 20 percent torsionally stiffer than the 964. Because the all-wheel drive 964 had made up about 20 percent of orders, the system was further improved in the 993, and the Carrera 4 system only added 100 pounds to a two-wheel drive version. The 993 was available in rear-wheel drive Carrera, Carrera S or all-wheel drive Carrera 4 and Carrera 4S trims, as well as Turbo and Turbo S, which had smaller KKK turbochargers to reduce lag. 
Reception for the 993, which was admirably priced cheaper than its predecessor, was immediate and enthusiastic. Motor Sport succinctly proclaimed “this is by far the best 911 so far” and Car and Driver remarked that “this is the first 911 that’s truly chuckable, and you would have to do something stupid to get into trouble…all the involving intricacies of the chassis’s personality are still there to be savored.” Car and Driver also called the 993 Turbo, which could do 0-60 in an incredible 3.6 seconds but offered impressive comfort and drivability, “the planet’s most eminently practical supercar”.
The 993 is collectible for a lot of reasons. It’s not just that it’s the last air-cooled car. It’s the blend of classic 911 looks, heritage and sound with modern technology and conveniences. Many consider it to be the best looking of all 911s as well, and it’s certainly one of the most rewarding cars to drive, even if some of the newer 911s are quicker. These are solidly built cars.

A very smart example of the iconic air-cooled supercar, finished in an eye-catching factory colour and benefitting from a recent mechanical overhaul.
Under the engine lid is the 3.6-litre twin-turbocharged flat-six, which sends 408hp to all four wheels via a six-speed manual transmission.
Delivered to New York, US in 1995, this Turbo was later exported to Europe with only 36 miles showing on its odometer, which was then converted to read in km. The car then found its way to Poland, where it was kept by a Porsche collector, who later sold it to a German owner in 2015.
This 993 Turbo was specified in the classic Porsche colour combination of Guards Red over a black leather interior.
The car has the hard-shell sport seats with body-coloured seat backs.
The factory options also included a sunroof and cruise control.
It rides on the correct set of 18-inch five-spoke alloy wheels, which feature coloured Porsche crests on their centre caps, and are unmarked.
While it is almost entirely unmodified, the car has been fitted with a Turbo S front bumper.
This 911 will be accompanied by its stamped service book and various invoices for its past maintenance.
Build information has recently been sourced from Porsche (as shown in the gallery), which confirms the factory specification below. The sticker in the stamped maintenance booklet appears to be incorrect on several options.
Specification (per build information sourced from Porsche):
058 - Impact absorbers front and rear
130 - Control and indications in English
197 - Stronger battery
218 - Licence plate space America and Asia-Pacific
220 - LSD
224 - ABD Automatic Braking Differential (Traction control)
235 - N2 tyres made specially for Porsche
288 - Headlamp washer
323 - Sticker, without ECE-regulations
335 - Rear automatic 3-point seat belts
339 - 4-wheel drive
373 - Newer type sports seat, left, height electrically adjustable
374 - Newer type sports seat, right, height electrically adjustable
408 - 18" Technology wheels (lightweight hollow spoke)
425 - Rear window wiper
434 - Work instructions for cars for overseas
441 - Radio preparation
454 - Automatic speed control
455 - Wheel locks
480 - Manual gearbox, 6-speed
484 - USA symbols and lettering for switches and instruments
490 - Sound system
530 - Immobilizer
534 - Alarm
601 - Litronic (xenon) headlamps
602 - Araised stop lamp
650 - Sunroof
651 - Electric windows
657 - Power steering
659 - Board computer
660 - OBD 2 On-Board Diagnostics
685 - Rear seats
694 - CD-radio Alpine 7807
912 - Without European ID plate
975 - Luggage compartment velour carpet
981 - Leather dashboard and door panels

No known bodywork damage.
Fully resprayed approximately ten years ago to correct various scratches around the car, the Guards Red paintwork is in good overall condition, with a few scratches and marks on the front bumper.
Inside, the black leather-trimmed cabin is in great shape, with only minor creasing on the seats, in line with the car’s age and use. The steering wheel and gear knob are in very good order, showing little if any wear.
There are no known electrical or mechanical faults.

The car’s most recent routine maintenance was carried out in May 2019, when the engine oil and filter were changed, and the wheel alignment was adjusted.
The exhaust system was replaced in June 2019, and the car’s mechanical components were overhauled in 2018. The latter included a full, engine-out service with replacement of all of the gaskets, servicing of the gearbox and differential, and replacement of the turbochargers and various cooling system components.

Dates and mileage:

11/07/1997 – 10,286 km
14/07/1999 – 15,822 km
26/06/2001 – 23,442 km
19/05/2003 – 31,544 km
13/05/2005 – 39,121 km
12/06/2007 – 46,585 km
08/06/2009 – 54,122 km
20/07/2011 – 62,881 km
15/08/2013 – 70,452 km
12/05/2015 – 80,891 km
22/02/2017 – 91,806 km
21/05/2019 – 92,158 km

This Porsche 993 Turbo is a great example of the sought-after modern classic 911, finished in the classic hue of Guards Red and with a particularly well-cared for interior featuring the desirable hard-shell sport seats. Benefitting a recent mechanical overhaul and accompanied by an excellent service history, this acclaimed analogue sports car will appeal to marque collectors and keen drivers alike.





Production date22.07.1995
Body TypeCoupe
Engine3.600 ccm, 408 PS, flat-6
SteeringLeft Hand Drive
LayoutAll Wheel Drive
Color - exteriorGuards Red
Color - interiorBlack leather
Miles/Kilometers shown92.839 kms
Chassis / VINWP0AC299XTS375296
Location - CountryGermany
Location - CityCologne


2-door coupe body type; 4x4 full-time (all-wheel drive permanent, variable torque split with visco), manual 6-speed gearbox; gasoline (petrol) engine with displacement: 3600 cm3, advertised power: 300 kW / 402 hp / 408 PS (ECE), torque: 540 Nm; characteristic dimensions: outside length: 4245 mm, width: 1795 mm, wheelbase: 2272 mm; reference weights: base curb weight: 1500 kg; top speed: 290 km/h (180 mph) (declared by factory); accelerations: 0-60 mph 4.3 s, 0-100 km/h 4.5 s (declared by factory)

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