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  • One of only 459 examples of this iconic pre-war race cars built
  • After a complete long-term renovation
  • Original historical documents
  • Documented more than seventy-year history since 1950
  • Comes with original tools
  • One of the most successful race-cars before WWII
  • Considered one of the most important cars built in the 20th century
  • Supercar of its era
  • Not only Mille Miglia eligible, this model was the overall winner in 1940
  • All documents were checked and the car was photographed personally by Auctomobile
  • Other features: possibility of assisting with registration, transport, insurance, storage and Trusted Checkout payment
  • Please note that this car will be available for viewing by prior appointment in Brno, Czechia

The BMW 328 Roadster is a true icon of automotive history. Introduced in 1936, it quickly gained a reputation as one of the most advanced and capable sports cars of its time. But it was in 1938, when BMW took the 328 to the Mille Miglia race in Italy, that the car truly cemented its place in history.

The 328 was designed by Fritz Fiedler, who was BMW's chief engineer at the time. Fiedler had a passion for lightweight construction and aerodynamics, and he applied these principles to the 328 with great success. The car featured an innovative tubular frame that was both lightweight and rigid, as well as a streamlined body that helped it cut through the air with ease.

Under the hood, the 328 was powered by a 2.0-liter inline-six engine that produced 80 horsepower. While this may not sound like much by today's standards, it was plenty of power for a car of its size and weight in the 1930s. In fact, the 328's engine was so advanced that it would go on to power a number of other BMW models for years to come.

But what really set the 328 apart was its performance on the race track. In the 1938 Mille Miglia, BMW entered a team of three 328s, and they absolutely dominated the competition. The cars finished 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in their class, and the winning car set a new record for the race that would stand for years to come.

The success of the 328 at the Mille Miglia brought BMW a great deal of attention and helped to establish the company as a serious player in the world of motorsports. But it also cemented the 328's place in history as one of the most important sports cars of all time. In 1999 the BMW 328 was named one of 25 finalists for Car of the Century by a worldwide panel of automotive journalists.

Today, the 1938 BMW 328 Roadster is a highly sought-after collector's item. Only a few hundred were ever produced, and many of them were lost over the years due to the ravages of war and time. But those that remain are considered to be among the most beautiful and iconic cars of the pre-war era. It was the supercar of its era with one of the most classic stylings ever.

In conclusion, the BMW 328 Roadster is a true automotive icon that helped to define the sports car genre. Its innovative design, advanced engineering, and remarkable performance on the race track set the stage for generations of BMWs to come. And even today, nearly a century after it was first introduced, the 328 remains a symbol of speed, style, and innovation.

This example comes after a complete long-term renovation, original documents and documented more than seventy-year history in the Czech Republic since 1950. Czech registration plates. Silver metallic body, after a complete long term restoration over 8 years. Engine was running 20 hours on the bench. Test drives in work progress before finishing the car, approx 30 km. In the car collection of the owner for 16 years.
The 70 years of period history is well documented with documents, period photos of both the car and the owner with his still living family. With memories from them when they were small children and their uncle, the then owner, drove te car. The car is documented in the original condition before the renovation and the file is including photos also during the renovation.
The BMW has the original vintage documents aand the period registration. The car has never been de-registered, it had always a number plate and was regularly driven and all the time it was registered. It comes also with the original tools.





Production date1938
Body TypeRoadster
Engine1.971 ccm, 80 PS, I6
SteeringLeft Hand Drive
LayoutRear Wheel Drive
Color - exteriorSilver
Color - interiorDark Red
Miles/Kilometers shown3 km
Chassis / VINOn Request
Location - CountryCzechia
Location - CityBrno


2-door roadster body type; RWD (rear-wheel drive), manual 4-speed gearbox; gasoline (petrol) engine with displacement: 1971 cm3, advertised power: 59 kW / 79 hp / 80 PS; characteristic dimensions: outside length: 3900 mm, width: 1550 mm, wheelbase: 2400 mm; reference weights: base curb weight: 830 kg; top speed: 150 km/h (93 mph)

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