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  • A beautiful example of the last SD version
  • Bespoke Open Tourer Vanden Plas coachwork
  • Incredible history file and service history
  • Outstanding visual and mechanical condition
  • Proven, reliable grand tourer
  • A fully synchronized transmission and an adaptive chassis
  • After an earlier complete restoration
  • Confirmed history by Alvis Owners Club
  • Regular participant of historic rallies across Europe
  • All documents were checked and the car was photographed personally by Auctomobile
  • Other features: possibility of assisting with registration, transport, insurance, storage and Trusted Checkout payment
  • Please note that this car will be available for viewing by prior appointment in Hradec Kralove, Czechia

Chassis number 13085, which is what we have here, did not start life looking how it does today. And by that, we don't mean the car has been restored. No, when this car left the Alvis factory on 27th of June, 1936, it was in fact a Charlesworth bodied saloon. And so it stayed until the late '80s, at which point the car had succumbed to the years behind it. The body, in particular the ash frame, was in a bad way, and as such it was elected that restoration would be the way to go. Until, that is, it was discovered that there was very little frame worth restoring. So instead, the then owner, a Mr. D. J. Lawrence, elected to have the car built into something altogether more special.
The backbone of the car - the chassis - and the running gear were all in good order and required only light recommissioning. So, Lawrence sent the bones of the car to MGM Coachbuilding of Suffolk, where a new frame was built. This time a flowing, long, four-seat tourer. The aluminium body was built Classic Metal Shaping of Essex, and the results are stunning. Built to replicate a body by Vanden Plas, the new look was nothing short of magnificent, the workmanship exemplary. However, Lawrence didn't see the project through, and instead passed the car on Jim Berry in 1997.
Berry fitted the wings, he rebuilt the engine from top to bottom but then had to once again pass the car on, owing to poor health. Tony Simpson took the car on in 1998, finishing the wiring, dashboard, seats and trim as well as rechroming and other details. Finished in 2004, the car then moved to a new owner in Scotland, where it resided until 2007. It was then purchased by another enthusiast who took great delight in further improving the car with improved, rebuilt steering and suspension amongst other things.
The current owner acquired the car in 2014, and as part of a small collection of classics, it has been enjoyed regularly for events and tours both around the UK and abroad. A well-travelled, reliable, usable car, this Alvis stands now as a unique vehicle that can be enjoyed on the regular. It's what it's used to. This is not an aged show pony, this is a machine that begs to be driven!

There is a veritable smorgasbord of documentation to go with this wonderful old Alvis, from the stuff you would expect like V5 and service information through more specialist like magazine features and photos of the car as it once was (in saloon guise) and also images of the car in build. There are also letters from previous owners detailing the history and known whereabouts of the car over the years.
There is ample history for the new owner to sift through, but for us, it's the letters and magazine features that make for the most interesting reading. There are documents to support the specification of the car, including letters from Alvis/Red Triangle, and there is a magazine feature in which the skillful work employed in the creation of the body is lauded unapologetically. And rightly so, it's magnificent after all.
There are myriad invoices for servicing, for general upkeep and for all works carried out over the course of the Speed 20's life. For example, in 2007, some £4,600 was spent on paint, servicing, suspension and steering. It has never wanted for anything. Just have a look through the images and you'll see the depth of the paperwork included.

The Interior:
Simple, classy and in excellent condition, the cabin of this Alvis Speed 20 is a delightful place to be. The seats have been retrimmed in the past, and are still in excellent order and offer plenty of comfort. There is a bit of wear here and there, but the car is nearly 90 years old, so it's forgiven! The rear seats have barely been used, and are again in excellent condition. There is even a small fold-out arm rest for the rear seat passengers, along with little cubby holes built into the side panels. Very neat.
The red carpets are in good order, with the only thing of note being a small hole on the driver's heel pad. The side panels are in good order, as are the door cards and the small amount of door furniture. The hinges on the rearward hinged doors are all in excellent condition, too.
The dash is wonderfully well presented, with clear dials and functional controls. Wood still has a deep shine, and there is no sign of any varnish lift or damage. The steering wheel is in good order, with all the hub-mounted labels still legible.
The whole cabin is covered by a bespoke tonneau, which has been made to an incredibly high standard. It buttons down perfectly, and can be set in a number of configurations. Just the drive can be left open, driver and passenger, or all four seats can be uncovered. And of course, the cover can be used to seal the cabin completely, there is even a little stitched pocket for the crown of the steering wheel! If you and your passengers don't wish to be open to the elements, the Alvis also has a folding roof complete with side-panels, which do an adequate job of keeping the weather out. But in reality, you'll never use them - this is a 'wind in your hair' car through and through.

The mechanical:
As can be seen from the masses of paperwork included with this Alvis, the mechanics have been very well looked after indeed. The engine has in the past been completely stripped and rebuilt with new seals, gaskets and fluids. It's in excellent health. It starts on the button, it revs keenly and it doesn't show a whiff of inclination to get hot.
Open the winged bonnet, and the engine bay is a sea of pleasing originality. The original tools, fluid pumps and spare spark plugs are all present and correct. The engine itself is clean and shows no leaks, nor any evidence of undue stress or substandard repair.
On the road, the car pulls exceptionally well, and the full synchromesh gearbox is a joy to operate. There is some adjustment needed, as the accelerator is the middle pedal here, but once you wrap your head around that, it's no stress at all to drive it. The brakes need a bit of warning, being rod-operated drums all round, but that's part of the car's design. The steering, having been reworked in the past, is surprisingly crisp and direct. It's a joy to thread this big old machine through the bends. It also has an overdrive fitted that makes it much more driveable in modern conditions.
The chassis and underside of the Alvis all look to be in excellent condition, with no evidence of rust, past repair or exposed metal. Everything has been painted and protected, meaning you drive it with some peace of mind should the conditions turn! It's simply a very well preserved, but ultimately very usable machine. In fact, we would go so far as to say that to not use it would be criminal. This car is used to being on the road, not kept under a cover.

The case for this car is simple: find another. You won't, because there isn't one. The closest thing is of course the Vanden Plas bodied cars on which this Speed 20's design has been based, but you won't get one of those for the sort of money this one is expected to sell for. This is your chance to have something truly exclusive, rare and special.
For us though, it's the driver appeal that sings the joys of this Alvis. It's getting on for 90, but it seems nobody has told it so. It's still a car that wants to be driven, that needs to be driven in fact. It's in regular use, the current owner has covered thousands of miles in it, and as such, that's what the new owner needs to do. This is a grand tourer, not a vintage museum piece like nearly every other car of this vintage.





Production date27.06.1936
Body TypeTourer
Engine2.762 ccm, 88 PS, I6
SteeringRight Hand Drive
LayoutRear Wheel Drive
Color - exteriorLight Blue / Dark Blue
Color - interiorDark Blue / Red
Miles/Kilometers shown83.344 mls
Chassis / VIN13085
Location - CountryCzech Rep.
Location - CityHradec Kralove


2-door open sport tourer type; RWD (rear-wheel drive), manual 4-speed gearbox; gasoline (petrol) engine with displacement: 2762 cm3, advertised power: 66 kW / 87 hp / 88 PS; top speed: 143 km/h (89 mph)

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